12 Colour Lead Pencils 88mm


  • Hardness:HB
  • Material:wood
  • Length:88mm
  • Diameter:7.2mm
  • Package Included:12 pens
  • Quantity:12 colored pencils

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Special coloring pen for coloring book art book.
It is very suitable for mothers who take classes at home, math classes, and office use. It is very suitable for wide use in conception, sketching, painting, etc.
Make beautiful gifts for your teenagers, preschool or high school teachers at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, birthdays and graduation ceremonies. Any child who likes drawing and sketching will dream of bringing them back to school supplies and handicrafts. College students or adults in the education field like the convenience of the top of the eraser.
Lead is precisely positioned in the middle of the wooden part to ensure that it will not break when grinding
Unique color design, easy to carry

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