Indian Economy For Civil Services Examination (8th Edition) MC Graw-Hill Education


  • Indian Economy For Civil Service Examination
  • 8th Edition
  • MC Graw-Hill Education

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More than a decade after its first publication, Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh continues to be as useful as ever and remains among the ‘best-seller’ of all time . One of the most recommended books on the subject, Written by an expert with over two and a half decades of experience, it has emerged as an ‘indispensable companion’ for the aspirants of Civil service exam. This magnum opus covers all the concepts and theories which are required to help the reader develop a ‘fundamental’ and ;application-based’ understanding of economics, policy issues and the areas of governance, polity, diplomacy, ethics, technology, etc. an inter-disciplinary manner- making economics easy for even those who have ‘no background’ in it

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