Mankind Prega News Test Kit


Product Highlights:

  • Helps to check for pregnancy at home, using the test kit
  • Provides results in less than 5 minutes
  • Easy-to-use, comfortable and affordable test kit
  • Can be used at any time and as per your convenience

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The Prega News Test Kit is a quick and simple way to confirm whether you are pregnant from the comfort of your home. For couples who are trying to conceive this Prega News Kit is a perfect tool to easily get confirmation of pregnancy. With a fast 5-minute time, the pregnancy test kit from Prega News lets you check quickly when you need to know the pregnancy status.

Key Benefits:

With a 99% accuracy rate, Prega News result is correct most of the time (in some rare cases, if the test is taken too early in the pregnancy you might get a negative result, in that case, retake the test at a later date).
With as little as 3 drops of urine, a woman can quickly get a result of whether she is pregnant or not in 5 minutes.
While all tests should be confirmed by a lab test, the convenience of a home test gives you a good idea of your pregnancy status.


To determine if a woman is pregnant or not.

How to Use:

In the morning, collect the first urine in a clean container.
Using the dropper add a few drops into the sample well of the test kit.
Wait for 5 minutes to read the results.
If one pink line shows, it is a negative result, pregnancy is not confirmed.
If two pink lines show, it is a positive result, pregnancy is not confirmed.
If one dark line and one pink line shows, this means there wasn’t enough HCG detected to give a result. Retake the test at a later time.
It is important to take the test before the first urine cycle of the day as this gives the most accurate results.

Safety Information:

Dispose of the kit after use.
Do not use the product if it is past the expiry date, as you will not get accurate results.
If you are unsure of the result, retake the test at a later date with a fresh kit.
Always confirm your results with a professional lab test.
Read the instructions carefully before using.

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